“We had an exuberant time… exploring how the lockdown has made us all feel”

Thurstonland First School had a lovely morning with the Our Biennale Moulding Memories Project in their Year 4 and 5 classroom – even two snow days did not stop us from creating a wealth of fantastic and expressive work.

We had an exuberant time chatting about the children’s drawings and poems and exploring how the lockdown has made us all feel… There was great satisfaction in cutting up PPE then taking frustrations out on ripping up their amazing work in the knowledge that many of their private feelings and responses to the pandemic would be preserved but yet also kept personal forever.

All 22 of the children of key workers in school took part and it was lovely to see the older children supporting and helping out the younger ones. It stimulated so much conversation between all of us, old and young, it opened up discussion about what we have felt, achieved, hoped for and missed… no matter what our age, this fantastic collaborative project from artist Lucie MacGregor, has helped us to connect, express and explore how this experience has made us feel.

Here are some comments from the children:

“I enjoyed being able to rip everything up.”

 “I liked putting my hands in the gooey mixture!”

 “I enjoyed drawing my map and knowing it’s in that brick forever.”

 “It inspired me to write about Lockdown on my iPad at home – I can write down how I feel.”