Beautiful Poems from Hillside Primary School

Year 5 pupils from Hillside Primary School are the first to work with poet Louise Fazackerley on Our Darkness and Light Animation creating poems about their area. The results are wonderful and we couldn’t wait to share them:

Poem 1

Newsham has crops of shops.
An antique  village smelling of chippies and curries,
making me hungry as a giant in a fairytale
or hungry like the homeless I see in town,
outside the shiny shops of the cities.
Sometimes it tastes like lollipops or just air
Dogs and cats powdered with frenchflies.

The sun is replaced by the moon.
The mill has burnt down.
Walls demolished. Houses evacuated.
Smoke lit up the sky like an infortunate inferno of stars
Watched over by constellations of shepherds and flying horses.
During dark older children sneak to the park
Spidernets and climbing frames

The moon is replaced by the sun.
Our community of happy people
Play with mice sized toys
Babies squeak for Mamas and Papas
Cars squeak and tyres screech on the streets.
I imagine church bells ringing
as children scatter and scurry to school.

Poem 2

In a place long forgotton
is scrapyard-potential for a new invention
as big as the sky.

Takeaways takeaways takeaways
taste like Sour Patch Kids,
smell like grandma’s kitchen.
Sizzling, steaming rain is pouring.
Crackling cars with engines roaring.

All the hills will like to know
where they lead to or where they go?
The houses are like blades of grass or pieces of rain
They are still soldiers waiting to be moved
The houses are big, the houses are thin
No matter what, they all have bins.

All the hills will like to know
where they lead to or where they go?

Up the hill to the tower,
I’m very tired- it took an hour.
Castle Hill, Castle Hill like The Hulk,
Or a grey light house giant
looking for humans to eat

Mills and bills making towers of power
But the Mill is as flat as a worm now.
It sits there like a dead leaf.
Towers and flowers make brilliant powers.

All the hills will like to know
where they lead to or where they go?
We are bright green emerald apples
And the dark of school cardigans and jumpers.