By Harry Wood - Originally uploaded on en.wikipedia; (Transferred to commons by Pilettes), CC BY-SA 2.5,

Lovely imagery in poems from pupils at Holmfirth Junior School working with poet Louise Fazackerley

Poet Louise Fazackerley continues her work with schools as part of Our Biennale’s Our Darkness and Light Animation, helping pupils create poems about their areas, with beautiful results…

Nabb is…
By Year 4

…a bag full of apples
Seeds that grow into trees
like generations returning
Nabb is pizza and pasta and pancakes
Packed with loads of truly, unique ingredients
Nabb is a dab of cherry Fanta- fizzy, full of energy
Nabb is a game of Tig.  Nab is fab

Nabb is Fenella the friendly tiger
She lived next door in the fifties,
and school children could stroke her
led on a lead by friendly folk
Nabb is orange and black P.E. kits
Nabb is good jokes

Nabb is a bus.  There are lots of us
We are Autumn- so many trees
We’re busy bees- we achieve
Nabb is a sunny day- we open the blinds
We are clever and we are kind
Nabb is an electric guitar
We rock
We work our socks off
We rock to the top


Colours of Holmfirth 
By Year 5

Holly-red berries like a hedgehog’s tongue
Or a night rose swaying to acoustic folk
Alleys like a shadow of badgers
Dark, soft as puma’s fur
Dogs silently sleep in white light

An awful lot of green-
Rich slug emerald green
Crocodile-wolf green
Carnivorous coniferous pines
Soft limestone like beds
Rough browns are flying, flying free

Midnight owl-moon howls in the night, booming blue
Dead grass brown wood like sewerage water
Sapphire-blue in the morning with clouds saying ‘Hi’

Happy yellow sun-sky
Copper-purple river like a musical breeze
Hedge-monkeys hop to school lavender

Dreams of the town are woken
Glorious and delicate to the bird’s eye
Holmfirth looks like a collage from the sky


Home Sweet Holme
By Year 6

Holmfirth wears a washpit mill for a hat
Motorsports vroom inside
Hair made of bricks from buildings
Behind mill-window eyes

One eye- all green fields and grass from gardens
The other- stalls and music and rush
Holmfirth wears a beer bomber jacket
Gold like mustard

Shaking sheep-shaped maracas
Filled with cow-sized beads
Lycra cycling shorts from coffee cups and clifftops
Legs like slides to win a prize

“A model of a Last of the Summer Wine Tourbus!”
Holmfirth is walking atop a parade
of colossal paper mache puppets
searching for hobbit-holes, chocolate boxes
and calm.