What is Our Biennale?

Our Biennale is a festival of arts and culture made with children and young people in Kirklees. Throughout the festival musicians, artists, theatre-makers and choreographers work with schools and colleges to enable children and young people to make their very own remarkable pieces of music, art, drama and dance.

Partners from the Kirklees Local Cultural Education Partnership, EvoKe, collaborate with young people, artists, cultural organisations, and teachers to co-create an amazing festival for the community to be proud of, which started in September 2020 and continues to June 2021.

Helping students reconnect with teachers and friends

Celebrating the ideas and creativity of our younger generation, Our Biennale’s focus in 2020/21 is well-being and using the arts as a major part of the recovery curriculum. As children and young people juggle school, lockdowns and isolations, our artists can help them re-establish relationships.

How will it work?

Our Biennale is continuing until summer 2021, so there is plenty of opportunity for schools, colleges, groups and communities to get involved.

Arts organisations and artists have enabled their projects to be delivered remotely through pre-recorded video links and live streaming.

All projects have been adjusted to ensure safe participation for artists, staff and pupils in line with government guidance.

How will it be celebrated?

We are planning to end the festival with an online exhibition of work and that may become part of a Biennale Finale outdoor exhibition in June 2021, depending on guidance at the time - keep checking back for the latest. Whether online or outdoors, the exhibitions will show what the young people have achieved throughout the festival working with Kirklees artists and arts organisations.

The programme

  • Artist led projects in schools
  • Our Biennale clubs for schools and youth groups
  • Projects and opportunities in the community
  • Online exhibitions and/or Biennale Finale outdoor exhibitions in June 2021 in partnership with WOVEN


About Our Biennale 2018

From September - November 2018 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Musica Kirklees, Chol Theatre, Manasamitra, The Children’s Art School and independent artists collaborated with 1,900 students in 18 schools and colleges in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. They helped them create amazing work in dance, music, animation, poetry, art and drama, all based on the theme Darkness and Light.

The incredible pieces were performed and exhibited at Our Biennale’s Big Draw & Play Day on 10th November 2018, Manasamitra’s Dark Skies on 10th November 2018, Untroubled Light // Melt on 20th November 2018, the Biennale Finale on 20th November 2018 and at The Great Kirklees Railway Exhibition along the Penistone Line.

To have a look at all the amazing sessions, events, exhibitions, performances and activities that took place during the festival, have a look at the great pictures in our Gallery.

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Our Biennale
Our Biennale3 days ago
Loving the colour plan & the mock-up of how the Kirklees Cuckoo - a withNature2020 project - is going to look from above at Stirley Community Farm in Huddersfield

Learn more about the cuckoo and how you can get involved here:
Our Biennale
Our Biennale5 days ago
The Childrens Art School in Holmfirth is partnering with other groups to help raise awareness of the cuckoo.
Local residents can help out by donating clothing and fabric - read on to find out more about the project.

20 hours ago
On air now! Listen to @BBCLeeds https://t.co/cqFewXe2oJ
OurBiennale photo
Our Biennale @OurBiennale
Tune into @BBCLeeds today 1.15pm to hear Chloe from @artinholmfirth and Mike from @KDeclares talking about the #KirkleesCuckoo - a @withnature2020 project - including the creation of the giant cuckoo artwork @YWTstirleyfarm to raise awareness of extinction crisis in local areas https://t.co/lD2I7dvxzJ
23 hours ago
Tune into @BBCLeeds today 1.15pm to hear Chloe from @artinholmfirth and Mike from @KDeclares talking about the #KirkleesCuckoo - a @withnature2020 project - including the creation of the giant cuckoo artwork @YWTstirleyfarm to raise awareness of extinction crisis in local areas https://t.co/lD2I7dvxzJ OurBiennale photo
2 days ago
Free conference event from @WovenInKirklees with loads going on! https://t.co/sDKOBV43vi
OurBiennale photo
Evoke @EvokeKirklees
Woven in Practice conference will take place on Friday 23 April and Saturday 24 April online.

The event will involve a range of speakers, workshop activities lead by the core strands of WOVEN 2021 festival. This is a free event!

https://t.co/JyTQ9fHMw4 https://t.co/JXfmahXn1l