Call to Collaborate with The Art Packs Initiative

What are Art Packs?

Art Packs is an initiative set up to deliver art materials and art activities on a regular basis to the most disadvantaged children and young people across Kirklees.

There has been an amazing response to the COVID-19 lockdown measures by artists and educators keen to create online activities for children & young people during the shutdown. While these activities are truly inspiring, it is vital that we do not overlook those children and young people who do not have internet access, do not possess personal computer equipment, or do not have the art materials to participate with such online activities.

The Art Packs are being delivered as a collaboration between The Children’s Art School and Kirklees Youth Alliance, to ensure that all children and young people have access to creative activities during the lockdown.

How can you get involved?

The Art packs have proved so popular that The Children’s Art School and EvoKe have been asked to create art packs for up to 3000 more children and young people as part of Kirklees Council’s Healthy Holidays Offer.

EvoKe want to connect with artists and creative practitioners across Kirklees in order to enrich the offer to children and young people.

They are commissioning five people to design an activity for the Art Packs. At this stage, you simply need to send an email saying ‘yes’ you would like to be sent an Application Info Pack.

What to do next?

If you are interested please send an expression of interest by 12pm on Thursday July 2nd. Simply send an email to to say you are interested.

Once EvoKe have received all expressions of interest they will send out info packs about how to apply.

At this stage they only have limited spaces but hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future for others to collaborate.