Campervan Radio with hcmf//

The Campervan Radio project travelled to three libraries around Kirklees and had a weekly residency for seven weeks in Upper Batley High School. It was an opportunity for young people to learn and develop their radio production skills, improve their literacy and confidence, as well as develop their self-expression through producing podcasts on topics they were passionate about.

 “It has really increased my self-confidence being a part of Campervan Radio, especially talking on the microphone and making a radio show with my friends. We worked well as a team and I really enjoyed the full experience of being a radio producer, a DJ and a host.” – Young participant

hcmf// Campervan Radio launched in October 2018, in partnership with Our Biennale. The mobile radio began its journey as part of the nationwide libraries initiative “Fun Palaces” visiting The Greenwood Centre, Skelmanthorpe and Huddersfield Central Library, delivering a day of workshops for young people to drop in, make short podcasts, learn how to mix songs on DJ decks and even do some karaoke.

Following this, Campervan Radio had a weekly residency within Upper Batley High School. Working with four groups of students, DJ and radio leaders delivered workshops in the campervan during which the participants had the opportunity to explore the different types of roles within a radio station, such as DJ, radio presenter and producer. Each week the leaders explored these different roles and helped the students develop their creative and technical skills as a team, leading to the groups making their own radio podcast on a topic they chose.  The students developed skills in researching their favourite subjects, how to write a script, work together as hosts and also make their own jingles. It was an opportunity for the students to work creatively in a group setting.

Key impacts:

  • Developed technical transferable skills through radio production and DJing
  • Gained a positive sense of belonging and ownership in the podcasts they create
  • Improved literacy skills through researching, script-writing and presenting
  • Improved social and personal development within a group setting
  • Improved self-confidence through group sharing and peer support
  • Improved mental health and well being through enjoyment of learning about music in a different way and creative thinking/problem solving
  • Opportunity for self-expression and creativity around a subject the young person is passionate about

“I found my time working on the Campervan Radio project both eye-opening and rewarding – eye-opening because I gained new skills from working with children and teenagers, and rewarding because it was a pleasure to watch the boys at Upper Batley High School grow into the project.  Their final recordings are testament to the fact that so many of them used Campervan Radio as a space in which they could develop new ways to express themselves – be that on the DJ decks, studio equipment or microphones.” – Project leader