Increasing Opportunities for Young People and Families to Access Kirklees’ Rich Cultural Offer

In our role as associate consultants for Kirklees we support the work and aims of Evoke to broaden and enrich the arts provision and experiences of young people and their parents /carers.

‘Woven in Kirklees’ has been a great vehicle to do this. It has enabled us to work together with HATCH to facilitate our most recent teachers art network meeting, led by artists and lecturers in the textile department at Huddersfield University; It provided engaging, quality CPD for all the teachers there and it was both well attended and well received. We have also been able to link in with the textile festival to provide a universal offer to Kirklees primary and secondary schools to take part in creating innovative textile fashion designs to be showcased during the festival. 15 schools have been involved in high quality workshops, where pupils have been supported by local artists to turn their designs for future fashion creations into a product to be worn at the catwalk show at Huddersfield University. We believe this cross key stage fashion show will help to foster community cohesion as well as showcase and celebrate the diversity of work produced in our schools. The marketplace event will also help to raise awareness to attendees of potential arts jobs and career paths their children might choose to follow.

As our role develops, our future aims are to continue to increase the visibility of the rich arts and cultural provision that Kirklees has to offer our young people through facilitating an arts and emotional well being workshop/conference, supporting the planning of the 2020 Children’s Arts Biennale, offering art CPD to teachers at network meetings and working with ‘Creative Champions’ in all the local Kirklees community hubs in order to ensure a diverse, yet equal offer to all. We appreciate the creative, artistic and cultural diversity in Kirklees communities and strongly believe the arts are a valuable driver to engage children and families in enjoyment of the world around them.

Stephanie Bartholet and Kathy Coates-Mohammed