Our Biennale Launches First Event As Part of The Big Draw

Our Biennale is back for 2020/21 and the first event will be part of The Big Draw – the world’s largest drawing festival. Our Biennale Big Draw will take place at Maker World in Huddersfield town centre on Saturday 24th October 11am – 3pm and Sunday 25th October 12pm – 3pm.

This free event will give participants the chance to be part of a huge collaborative map as they join illustrators Ruth Dyer and Harriet Lawson to draw a new Huddersfield town. “They could design new buildings, grow new plants and decide what shops will sell,” explains Ruth. “They could come up with inventions and imagine who might live in, or be banished from, our town to make it a wilder, kinder, greener, cleaner place! Our map is displayed in the Maker World window and has been started by children from all over Kirklees. We want to add more ideas to make it a truly collaborative masterpiece of future town planning.”

Our Biennale Big Draw is part of the Our Biennale festival of arts and culture made with children and young people in Kirklees. Throughout the festival musicians, artists, theatre-makers, and choreographers work with schools and colleges to enable children and young people to make their own pieces of music, art, drama, and dance. Partners from the Kirklees Local Cultural Education Partnership, EvoKe, collaborate with young people, artists, cultural organisations, and teachers to co-create the festival, which this year, runs from September 2020 and will continue into 2021.

Our Biennale’s focus in 2020/21 is well-being and using the arts as a major part of the recovery curriculum. “As children and young people have returned to school, extra-curricular activities and events, Our Biennale can help them reconnect with teachers and friends,” says Our Biennale Artistic Director Chloe Williams from The Children’s Art School in Holmfirth. “Events such as Our Biennale Big Draw also gives us a chance to take the festival out into the community, giving everyone a chance to get involved.”

Find out more about Our Biennale Big Draw here