EvoKe is Kirklee’s Cultural Education Partnership.

The partnership brings together people from arts and cultural organisations, educational institutions and the local authority to drive joined-up local arts and cultural offer, share resources and knowledge, and strengthen and increase high-quality arts for children and young people across the borough both inside and outside of school.

Below is a list of partners we work with and some testimonials from some of them.

If you are an EvoKe partner and your logo is missing, please email it to info@evokekirklees.org along with a link to your website. 

My guiding belief that all our children and young people have the right to participate in the arts and culture persuaded me to become involved in Kirklees Local Cultural Education Partnership: EVOKE. I have seen the positive impact of engagement in arts and culture on the children within my school; not only the pure enjoyment of the activity itself, but on their self-esteem, self confidence, emotional well-being and academic achievement. All children and young people deserve this and seeing so many partners around the table all working together to shape a strategy to break down barriers and make this a reality is a very positive experience, which I would encourage other school representatives to become involved in. We have started with the Our Biennale this year; a real celebration of children’s creativity and skills. There will be more exciting things to come, so please find out how you can get involved.

Kathy Coates-Mohammed, Headteacher of Pentland Infant and Nursery School


Royds Hall Community School became an active EvoKe member when Royds students were invited to take part in an Open Space Event to gather ideas together for a youth arts festival in Kirklees. This was a great way to empower young creative minds and become part of something which was bigger than what their local school offered. From this, the school became more involved in the planning process for the K25 and Biennale events, which not only supported our Artsmark objectives but as a teacher gave a sense of value being part of a team developing ideas and creating plans for ALL young people in Kirklees not just our school community. It has been a great way of networking, getting first-hand information on the arts and cultural events in our area and refreshing to step out of the classroom and work towards a bigger vision to ensure creativity drives everything we do.

Sky Burton-Smith, Director of Arts and D&T at Royds Hall Community School


Being involved with Evoke has enabled me and Reach Performing Arts, to be part of a community initiative which has the capacity to produce huge opportunities for our wider, diverse communities, to become involved in art activities. It has also brought me out of my comfort zone and given me the opportunity to share some of our work within a number of schools.  Being part of the group and not simply working in isolation means more support, the development of new ideas, contacts and relationships.

Natalie Pinnock Hamilton, Reach Performing Arts


I realise looking back, that being part of Evoke in 2018 has been a fantastic informal learning opportunity for me and my colleagues at Chol. We've reconnected with people we once knew and loved and got too busy to keep up with. We've made new contacts and friends. It's been fruitful, particularly strengthening our relationship with local schools, libraries and the university. Mostly though, it's reinforced our belief in the power of people on the ground to make change in their community.

Susan Burns, Creative Producer/CEO Chol Theatre