Quotes from Pupils at Scholes Village Primary School

Here are some great quotes from pupils at Scholes Village Primary School who took part in The Great Kirklees Railway Exhibition with The Children’s Art School. And what a masterpiece they made! Read more about the project here.

“I really enjoyed the art because it is fun, art does not always need to be right. I like poetry because I love writing stories.”

“I loved rolling out the ink on the plastic, and I loved to do team work and some of our tables’ words were in the poem.”

“I loved the poetry that I read out in front of the school, especially the Taylor Swift line! I loved keeping the pen on the paper drawing, it was funny.”

“On Wednesday I had a tremendous day because we were doing poems and art. The poetry was fantastic because all of our ideas can make a masterpiece. The art was wonderful because it was made out of ink and we made a bridge.”

“I loved the art because of the beautiful picture we made.”

“It was amazing doing the art and poetry day because our work is going to be put up in the train station.”

“I really enjoyed poetry because Caitlin involved Taylor Swift! I really enjoyed art as well because it is going to be at the train station.”

“I really liked the art and poetry. I loved the art because the piece of art was bigger than a normal piece of paper!”

“I loved getting messy!”

“I really loved our tremendous painting, I am very excited for it to be up at the train station.”

“I really liked the art, rolling the ink because it came out really good.”

“Thank you for coming, I loved the poetry and art, everyone wanted to see the wonderful things we did.”

“Some of our ideas in the poem were hilarious!”



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