Scholes Village Primary School & Holme School

These incredible poems were created by Scholes Village Primary School and Holme Primary School for the Our Darkness and Light Animation.


Scholes Village Primary School


Nyx – The Night

The night is a teenaged girl

She has long, black, silky hair

She can flick her hair down to become the night sky

Her eyes are the shape of the stars. They gleam like the starlight

Her big black pupils are circular like the moon.


She wears a smart black t-shirt

And a long black skirt with stars moving and shooting all across it

Her clothes are paper-thin

The night she wears a cowboy hat and calls “yee-hah” across the heavens

A black necklace sits around her throat


When she is calm, her voice is smooth like night birds singing

When she is angry her voice is deep and croaky like frogs at sunset.


The night moves gracefully.

She tiptoes like a ballerina and then leaps into the air

She flies like the wind blowing

She glides like a ghost owl

She lands on her hands and knees like someone praying


The night’s friends are the moon, the stars and the night animals –

Badgers, foxes, bats and hedgehogs,

Streetlights, headlamps, candles, lanterns,

The ocean glowing with plankton and deep-down angler fish,

Lighthouses on the shore, fireworks and flares when your ship starts sinking,

Christmas lights, Chinese lanterns, traffic signals,

Glow-worms and fireflies like flashing bees


The night is cruel when it’s midnight and you wake up alone

When you can’t see ahead of you and you don’t know what’s coming next

When the noises come and scare you

When it’s dark outside and you have to get out of bed

When everyone’s sleeping and you are the only one awake.

The night is cruel in wintertime.

It bursts out when you’re not expecting it.


The night is kind when you need to sleep

When it makes the lights seem brighter

When it gives cover for magical visitors

When it means that Santa’s coming

When it’s Halloween and it helps you to scare people

When you trick or treat

When it’s bonfire night and the fireworks dance

When you look out of the window and see all the constellations

When it gives shelter to the nocturnal animals


When it’s dark you can see the light better

When the wind is breezy-soft the night might be singing.


Hemera – The Day

The daylight is younger than the night

She is a young girl with long curly hair that smells of roses

Her hair is golden at the tips and fiery at the roots

Her eyes are dark blue like the summer sky

A golden halo hovers above her head

She dresses like a queen with a white ruff the colour of the clouds

She wears brown leather boots to walk the hills and mountains

She has a star for a nose-stud

Her dress is orange and yellow like the sun


When she is happy, her voice is soft like a song-thrush singing –

Like an angel humming in heaven –

Like dancing clouds in the graceful blue sky


When she is angry, her voice is deep and mysterious – stern like the growl of a wolf

She strolls and stomps like Taylor Swift.

She is sassy and dances like a disco ball


Her friends are the daylight animals –

Songbirds, chipmunks, baby rabbits, kittens, cows in the fields,

Snakes that bask on the rocks,

Rainbows that turn up in the sky


The day is cruel when she makes us moan about the heat

When the animals have to hide in the shade

When she burns the farmers’ crops

When she boils us and makes us put on sun-cream

When you feel like you are cooking in the sun

When the air is hotter than Ancient Egypt, scorching the pyramids

She is cruel when she leaves us at dusk

The day is jealous of the night, but she won’t admit it

In the morning, she acts like a moaning teenager – taking too long to get up


The day is kind when you go to the beach and dip your feet in the cool ocean

When she makes the plants grow and gives us food

When it’s time to get the paddling pool out

When the ice cream van comes

When you go to the park

When she smiles on you in winter

She is kind when it’s just warm enough


Even if you have no money, you are happy in the sunlight.



Holme Primary School:



Shorts and t-shirts,

Fruits and flowers,

Blossom on the trees.


Summer dresses and short summer skirts,

Apples ripening in the sun.


The sweet scent of sunflowers,

Following the light across the sky


Water fights, picnics –

Summer freedom!

Lie-ins every day!

Always the weekend – no grumpy mornings.


Bananas and strawberries,

Ice cream and lollipops,

Cold drinks, cooling down the sweaty people,

Boiling and steaming in the Summer Sun.


Dark into light, day into night, the year turns again



Feeling eerie, trapped and frightened

Worried that there might be monsters about!


Devils and mice, snow and ice,

Wolves haunting the ancient woods.


Badgers, bats and apple bobbing,

People dressed as skeletons, goblins and grim reapers


Cinammon spice,

Candy sweets,

Orange chocolate and hot cocoa take away the sharp edge of fear


And leave behind cold fingers and the scary-exciting feeling of a sparkler in your hand.


Plip! Plop! Plup!

The plippy, drippy raindrops fall through the Autumn leaves

Pumpkins glow on window sills,

While Autumn smoke and the cinder smell of bonfire toffee

Gives way to the burnt scent of fireworks banging in the darkest sky.


Dark into light, day into night, the year turns again



Winter rabbits running through the frozen woods

Pine trees holding the blanketing snow

An open fire on an icy morning


Holly bushes and winter turkeys

Reindeer and Christmas trees


Red wine raisins, soft and sweet

Covered in sauce and alcohol free


Cinnamon hot chocolate and mince pies

The scent of chestnuts and pine needles

Presents given in the depths of winter

From Father Christmas and the Winter King


Ice water in the winter makes you cold inside and out

A nicer feeling than you might think


Dark into light, day into night, the year turns again



Sun rising, sap rising

Rainbows after the thunderstorms

Enthusiastic birds singing in the budding trees

The dawn chorus are welcoming new arrivals


Farmers working hard in the frozen fields

The earthy smell of the damp loam

Strength and power beneath the surface

Spring fairies and elves dancing optimistically

Among the fresh new rosebuds

Planning ahead for the year to come

While under the ground,

Sunflowers seeds with growth mindsets

Are waiting to bloom in the coming sun


Dark into light, day into night, the year turns again



Long days and short nights

Green grass, blossom and butterflies

Jolly music and Morris-dancing at the folk festivals

Kites floating in the bright blue sky


Frogs, frogspawn, rabbits and lambs

Hares sprinting and boxing in the field,

Honey and hanging baskets and hot cross buns

These are things the summer yields


Spring colours in pastel shades


Fiddles, ukuleles, drums and bells on jangling shoes.

The maypole dancers turning and weaving in and out

Men in fox masks seated round the fire

Circus skills in the park,

Plate spinning, stilts and pogo sticks,

Bubbles, jugglers and unicycles.


Dark into light, day into night, the year turns again



Climbing trees and climbing mountains – climbing up to amber light

Gold and ochre in the fields

Longer days and shorter nights


Bikes rides on The Pennine Way

Up Home Moss if you’re feeling brave!

Light green leaves and lemonade

Holidays and trips away


Butterflies and barbecues at Blackpool Bridge

Strawberries and cream in the kitchen fridge

Watching Wimbledon on the telly

Summer parties with raspberry jelly

Swimming outside in the open-air pool

Finding ways to keep your cool

Holidays abroad in far-away climes?

Or playground sunbathing on summer lunchtimes


Dark into light, day into night, the year turns again