“Switch” – dance piece for Our Biennale

“Switch” was a dance project with a group of students from North Huddersfield Trust School including eight workshops and one performance at the Biennale Finale in Huddersfield Town Hall. The project sought to increase students confidence and provide a performance opportunity.

“It’s been a good experience and I’ve got the chance to meet and work with new people. It’s been very creative” – Destiny, aged 12.


For ‘Our Biennale’, I worked with a group of 12 dancers from North Huddersfield Trust School to create a dance piece which was then performed at the Biennale Finale. We did one after school session for eight weeks.

The stimulus for the piece was Light and Dark. Each week the session would typically consist of a warm up activity and sequence, a creative task which was used to generate movement material from the set stimulus and then a cool down and reflection.

As the weeks went on the students worked on solos, duets, quartets and developed whole group sequences which we then pieced together to create the final work. The last couple of sessions were used to rehearse and tweak sections of the piece. The students also helped to decide which music we would use, picking four different tracks which I then cut and mixed to create the final track. The piece was called “Switch” referring to the original stimulus and the aesthetics of the dance.

The project culminated with the piece being performed in the Biennale Finale at Huddersfield Town Hall on the 20th November.

On the whole, the project was a collaborative process between myself as choreographer and the students as performers – we worked together to create a piece which the students felt comfortable performing and could take ownership of, whilst having fun and building new relationships in the process.

By Jess – Chol Theatre


Key impacts of project:

– Increase the students confidence in both working with new people and performing

– The ability to evaluate and improve own performance

– The opportunity to work with an external choreographer

– Improve team work

– Increase resilience to overcome challenges

– An opportunity to take part in an extracurricular activity which works towards a live performance


“Absolutely fantastic from start to finish, Jess was amazing and the dancers loved working with her. We hope to work again with Chol Theatre in the future!” Laura Bunn – PE and Dance teacher at North Huddersfield Trust School