The Great Kirklees Railway Exhibition

We have made a start on one of the exciting projects for Our Biennale.

The Great Kirklees Railway Exhibition aims to create 100 paintings by Kirklees children and young people to be exhibited along platforms of stations along the Penistone Line.

These first paintings created by yr 6 children at Honley Junior school use images of the landscape from around the area and local events such as the Tour de France. These have been combined with imaginary happenings based on historic events (such as a train coming off the rails in Lockwood) and local myths such as the dragon that lives at castle hill. Stories about Hope Bank Pleasure Gardens can also be found in the paintings (look out for the escaping bears!)

The children learnt so much about composition, colour, drawing and painting. They explored composition using a projector to try different combinations and scales.

The Great Railway Exhibition

Using a limited palette of complimentary colour to start with the children applied their knowledge of colour theory and mixed their own colours to create these vibrant results.

Some of our young artists at Senior Art Club have also created paintings for this project on a much larger scale:

Look out for these on a platform near you!