The Our Biennale Moulding Memories project has started!

The Moulding Memories project was devised by Huddersfield born artist Lucie MacGregor and it provides a space where children and young people can talk about and explore their experiences during the pandemic.

Through creative writing, drawing and collage, the younger generation will tell their stories. Their creative work will then be pulped and created into blocks using moulds. These ‘memory blocks’ will become part of a large sculpture encompassing blocks from every participating school and group, and it will be exhibited in spring 2021.

At Maker World in Huddersfield town centre, during the Christmas break, our first group of young people took part in the project. Working with poet Toria Garbutt, they loved the freedom to express themselves and they liked the ‘mystery’ of the block – that  it contained all their thoughts and feelings but no one else knew exactly what was in there.

This project has now started to be delivered in 16 primary schools across Kirklees with the support of pre-recorded films from our artists and facilitators: Lucie MacGregor, Toria Garbutt, Ruth Dyer, and Rebecca Winwood from Lawrence Batley Theatre.  We are so grateful to the teachers who are delivering this despite the incredible challenges they are dealing with every day during this lockdown.

The logistics of making this happen have been difficult for everyone given the ongoing pandemic but with packs of materials and moulds, clear instructions and remote artist support, schools will have everything they need to make as many memory blocks as they like.

The outcomes will be exhibited as an installation in June. The blocks act like time capsules of experience, encapsulating the feelings of children and young people across Kirklees during 2020-21: the time of the Covid 19 pandemic.