Throughout Our Biennale, we identified emerging creative leaders in Kirklees. These Young Ambassadors helped us spread the word and shape our programme for the future.

Are you a young creative person? Then why not become a Young Ambassador of Our Biennale? Email for more information.

Adam Martin, 15

Hi, I’m Adam and I have been a member of the Lawrence Batley Theatre Young Company for ten years. I often take part in shows at the LBT and completed a week of work experience there which involved going into schools and doing workshops for Our Brilliant Roadshow, which introduced young people to Our Biennale. I have a real passion for the arts and so was overjoyed to be asked to be a Young Ambassador. I think that through mediums such as theatre, film, music and art we have the capacity to create a better world or at least a more colourful one.

Click here to watch Adam's film 'An Empty Space', made exclusively for Our Biennale.

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Berri Parnaby, 15

Berri has been involved with The Children's Art School for a number of years. She gained a  Bronze Arts Award in 2015 and particularly enjoys painting, sculpting with clay and print making. She is currently interested in a career in set design. Berri volunteered at Saturday Art School  for her Duke of Edinburgh award and has continued to work as an assistant supporting younger children at The Children's Art School. Berri has created one of the large scale paintings for the Great Kirklees Railway Exhibition.

Clem Melling, 7

Clem is seven and has wanted to be an actor since she could talk. She was in Slaithwaite Philharmonic's production of Sweeney Todd in 2017 and has been following the smell of the greasepaint ever since. She was in Chol Theatre's production of Sticklebacks and Swingboats in 2018, which she described as one of the best things that's ever happened. Clem attends a musical theatre class, sings in two choirs, plays violin in two strings ensembles and is learning piano. She did her Arts Award Discover in 2017 and is actively seeking dramatic roles!
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hannah Cooper square

Hannah Cooper, 17

Hannah is studying Fine Art and Textiles A levels at New College Huddersfield and hopes to progress to a Foundation Course in Art and Design in 2019. Hannah loves exploring new techniques to use in both Textiles and Fine Art and is interested in a career as an illustrator. Hannah attended classes at The Children's Art School when she was at High School and now volunteers with them. Hannah also plays clarinet and  is part of a local wind band.

Jahmiah Simpson, 14

Hi, my name is Jahmiah Simpson and I am currently in year 10 at North Huddersfield Trust School. I have a huge passion for dance and I have been dancing since I was aged 1 and a half. I did ballet up until I was 7 and then from 7 years old I went onto do tap dancing, I also did street dancing at this point too. I then had a slight gap and at 13 years old I went back to do ballet for 6 months but at this point I began to discover my love for contemporary dance. Now I am 14 years I don't actually dance outside of school but I am wanting to find somewhere that I can dance to express myself and to progress in my dancing career. I do dance for one of my GCSE's at school where I focus mainly on contemporary while still using some ballet techniques.

In dance I focus mostly on expressing my emotions and also my past experiences when I perform. I use dance to express myself by using movements instead of words, I find this really works and I can let out anger or stress through performing. I have a huge passion for dance and I also use it as a way to let put all of my energy. I really hope to progress further in my dancing career and I am hoping to find a dance school to complete my work experience next year in May.

Chol Theatre working with students from North Huddersfield Trust School on their production of Romeo & Juliet